Battle of the Atlantic, Blitz & Home Front: Liverpool History School Trips (1 or 2 Days)

The battle of the Atlantic was the longest & certainly one of the most important campaigns of WWII.  Success was crucial if Britain was to maintain her supplies of food, munitions & raw materials.  It was also an essential pre-requisite in facilitating the build-up of Allied forces in preparation for the D-Day invasion.  Potential starvation & defeat if the U-boats prevailed, were not the only threats to the people of Britain; they were also a direct target of aerial attacks on a scale never witnessed before.  Civilians did not, however, play an entirely passive role.  The war work of those on the Home Front was vital if victory was to be achieved.  In the process, the impact of Total War on British society was considerable - both in the short & longer term.  
We can tailor your tour to cover your students' specific learning objectives. Please ask to speak to one of our team to discuss your requirements.



One-Day Tour (for schools within approximately 120 miles of Liverpool)

  U-534 Conning Tower



  • School pick-up (no earlier than 06.00 hours) & travel to Salford & Merseyside. Visits include:
  • Imperial War Museum North, Salford Quays
  • U-Boat Story, Birkenhead: U-534
  • Western Approaches Museum (Mar-Oct)
  • St Luke's Church Liverpool Blitz Memorial
  • Albert Dock & Pier Head Naval Memorial
  • Tasks & fieldwork activities provided
  • Optional activity: Choose from: Mersey Ferry crossing • Beatles Story • football stadium visit to Anfield or Goodison Park • free time in Liverpool One (additional fees apply) 
  • Return to school with evening drop-off (time dependent on school location)

Liverpool Waterfront








Two-Day Tour

  • Day 1: School pick-up (earliest 06.00 hours) & travel to Salford Quays & Stockport
  • Lunch-time in Salford Quays. Afternoon visits include:
  • Imperial War Museum North
  • Stockport Air Raid Shelters
  • Travel to Liverpool
  • St Luke's Church Liverpool Blitz Memorial
  • Tasks & fieldwork activities provided
  • Check-in at accommodation & evening meal
  • Day 2: Depart after breakfast to visit:
  • The Albert Dock & Pier Head Naval Memorial
  • Western Approaches Museum, Liverpool
  • U-Boat Story, Birkenhead: U-534
  • Tasks & fieldwork activities provided
  • Optional activity: Choose from: Mersey Ferry crossing • Beatles Story • British Music Experience • football stadium visit • free time in Liverpool One (additional fees apply) 
  • Return to school with evening drop-off (time dependent on school location)


Add an Extra Day.... 

  • With an extra day you can include further investigations and/or fun activities or
  • Combine with another department. We also have tours for Geography & Art
  • Two nights' half-board accommodation
  • Our advice: Including some fun activities can help you sell the tour to your students especially if you have competition from other subjects
  • Combine with another department: This can make the tour viable if you have low numbers 
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Western Approaches Museum 

U-Boat Story
Pier Head Liver, Cunard & Custom House Buildings



Western Approaches Museum   U 534  




The Combined Operations Headquarters for the Western Approaches was housed in the reinforced  basement of an office block known as the fortress.  As well as the telecommunications room, the museum's centrepiece is the Operations Room; nerve centre of the Battle of the Atlantic.   U-534 was sunk on May 5th 1945, having disobeyed Admiral Doenitz’s order to surrender. Raised from the seabed & preserved, its Captain's refusal to surrender remains unexplained. Through interactive & audio-visual exhibits visitors gain an insight into life on board & the enduring mystery of U-534.






Imperial War Museum North
Stockport Air Raid Shelter
IWM North   Air Raid Shelter  



Within the chronological framework of 20th century warfare, six silos examine recurring themes such as the role of technology & the vital contribution of women in achieving victory. A highlight of a visit are the Big Picture shows including Horrible Histories® Rotten Rationing & The War at Home.


Opened in 1939, these shelters were the largest in the country designed to accommodate 6,500 people. The shelters were fitted with basic amenities: electric lights, benches & bunk beds, flushing toilets, first aid post & a sick bay. Stories of local people are used to illustrate the experience of the Blitz.  
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Outward Journey / Pre-Tour

      The Albert Dock
  • Timeline of the inter-war years & the rise of Hitler & the Nazi Party
  • Appeasement & the outbreak of war
  • The expansion of the Third Reich, 1939-40: Poland, Norway, Low Countries
  • Fall of France
  • Unrestricted U-Boat warfare & the First Battle of the Atlantic in WWI
  • Consequences of the sinking of the Lusitania


  • The Battle of the Atlantic & the role of Western Approaches Command 
  • The roles of German surface vessels & U-boats
  • The Convoy System & British escort ships
  • Coastal Command & air power in the Battle of the Atlantic
  • Technology & the Battle of the Atlantic
  • Reasons for Allied victory in the Battle of the Atlantic

Salford Quays & Stockport

  • Women & the Home Front
  • Role of the Home Guard
  • Rationing  & the Black Market
  • Public attitudes & morale
  • Strategic bombing
  • The Blitz in northern England
  • Total War
  • Air raid shelters
  • Casualties
  • Blackout & ARP wardens
  • Evacuation
  • Propaganda & censorship

Return Journey / Post-Tour

  • Daily life in wartime
  • Impact of war on society
  • The changing role of women
The specific content of your tour will be determined by which visits you wish to include  
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Study Materials Relevant to Your GCSE/National Curriculum KS3
  IWM North

Our study materials are designed by teachers with GCSE examining experience.  When you book with us, you will receive a copy of both our student study packs & teachers' notes, free of charge.  They are produced in an A4 monochrome format to keep reproduction costs to a minimum.  They are loose-leaf which gives you the flexibility to use them in different ways.  You can:

  • use our study materials exclusively
  • use your own study materials
  • use a combination of your owmn & our materials
The Student Pack Includes  

The Teacher Pack Additionally Includes

  • Factual detail on each location visited as well as background information about the war 
  • Maps, illustrations & a time line of main events
  • Eye-witness accounts
  • Tasks, activities & discussion points to provide a focus for each location visited
  • Further guidance notes giving a broader context to each visit
  • A curriculum matrix linking each location to assessments objectives
  • Differentiated mark schemes for written tasks

Integrate with Your Scheme of Work

  Study Materials:  Skills & Concepts  
  • Introductory materials can be used on tour or as part of your pre-tour preparation
  • Study materials are also suitable for post-tour follow-up
  • Knowledge, recall & comprehension 
  • Historical concepts
  • Understanding, analysis & evaluation of evidence
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Our Guides


Underground Shelter







We believe a study tour is an educational experience best delivered by people with a knowledge and understanding of the educational system & culture. You can discuss learning aims & objectives with your guide so that the tour meets your requirements.

  • Our guides are former teachers, excellent communicators & have examining experience.
  • They have organised tours themselves so understand the demands placed on accompanying staff.
  • They have an enthusiasm for imparting knowledge & ideas & engaging with young minds.


Bruce Hubbard, BA (Hons), PGCE, DASE



Bruce was a Head of History & Humanities at Ainsdale High School, Sefton, Liverpool. He has worked for Galina since 2007 & was a school client for several years previously. His guide experience includes both History to the Western Front & RS tours to Amsterdam & Vught in the Netherlands. Bruce is a member of the Western Front Association & Great War Forum.

Bruce has more than 30 years' teaching experience & has been an examiner.

“Bruce, was fantastic. He was enthusiastic & helpful. He also spoke directly to the students enabling them to feel he was approachable. They listened & responded brilliantly to him.”

Woodcote High School, Coulsdon, Surrey

  Bruce Hubbard  


Selected & Trained by Galina 

  • We have our own training programme to ensure consistently high standards.
  • Our guides up-to-date with current examination specifications & amendments to Key Stage 3.
  • All guides are DBS-checked.
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  YHA Liverpool




The accommodation we use regularly is audited following guidelines laid down by the School Travel Forum & incorporated into our Safety Management System.


YHA Liverpool


This youth hostel is located within easy walking distance of the city centre in an area known as the Baltic Triangle. The Albert Dock can be reached on foot in five minutes. Within the dock you'll find the Northern Tate, Maritime Museum & international Slavery Museum. The dock is part of the Liverpool Waterfront complex which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Liverpool's two Cathedrals are less than a mile from the hostel & the two football stadia within four miles.

YHA Liverpool Typical Bedroom

YHA Liverpool Dining Room

 YHA Liverpool Lounge  


  • Capacity for 156 guests in 30 rooms on 3 floors (access via stairs).
  • Rooms accommodate two to six people
  • Staff accommodated in twin/quad rooms
  • Bunk beds
  • 28 of the 30 rooms have en-suite facilities
  • TV lounge
  • Restaurant
  • Bar & lounge area
  • Games room
  • Disabled access
  • Free WiFi
  • Classroom facilities
  • Garden area
  • Bed linen provided. Take your own towels
  • Coach parking
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Kingsmeadow School, Gateshead

"The accommodation was lovely, the staff were very helpful. The food and service were both excellent. Excellent – a fabulous trip for all involved."


Pate's Grammar School, Cheltenham

"Just a short note to say that the visit proceeded like clockwork and to thank you for all your efforts on our behalf."


Merchant Taylors' Boys' School, Liverpool

"Very efficient & thorough, as usual! Driver, Neil, very friendly – helpful support from him. Excellent once again."


Colyton Grammar School, East Devon

"Many thanks to all at Galina involved in the trip – the pupils have all said what a great time they had!"

  Liverpool Anglican Cathedral
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