WWI Battlefields of The Somme & Vimy Ridge History School Trips

Our WWI Battlefields History school trips focus on the events of the First World War at The Somme & Vimy Ridge empowering your students to gain a better understanding & in-depth knowledge of WWI. 

We offer a 3-day tour to The Somme & Vimy Ridge & a 4-day tour that also includes various WWI historical sites, memorials & museums in Ypres

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Historical Sites, Memorials, Tunnels & Trenches - The Somme & Vimy Ridge
serre accrington pals trench   newfoundland park   Somme Ulster Tower   thiepval memorial to the missing

The Accrington Pals' Trench - Serre

The 31st Division, consisting of Northern Pals’ battalions, was allotted the task of capturing the village of Serre. The Division lost over 5,000 men. Nowhere was the impact so keenly felt of such losses than in Accrington who raised its own battalion. The remains of the front line can still be observed. The cemeteries in the old No Man’s Land bear witness to their loss.


Newfoundland Park

Newfoundland Park is one of the largest and best-preserved trench memorials on the Western Front. Named after the Royal Newfoundland Regiment, which had provided one battalion of 800 men to serve with the British and Commonwealth Armies. The park contains the Caribou Memorial, 51st Highland Division Memorial and the Danger Tree.



Ulster Tower

Built as a Memorial to the 36th Ulster Division, the Tower stands on the site of the Schwaben Redoubt on the German front line. It was one of the first Memorials to be erected on the Western Front and commemorates the men of the 36th Division and all from Ulster who served in the First World War.


Thiepval Memorial to the Missing

Visit the largest Memorial Thiepval designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens, that commemorates the 74,000  men who died on the Somme and who have no known grave. The cemetery containing 300 British and French casualties symbolises the Alliance of the two countries as well as their loss during the Great War.

lochnagar crater   Devonshire Trench CWGC   vimy memorial with flags   wellington quarry image credit tristram biggs

Lochnagar Crater

The Lochnagar Crater, ninety feet deep, was created by 90,000 lbs of explosives set off under the German lines. This position offers excellent observation of the ground over which the Tyneside Irish Brigade advanced at a cost of nearly 3,000 casualties.


Devonshire Cemetery

Men of the 8th and 9th Battalions of the Devonshire Regiment are buried in this cemetery in what was part of their old front line trench in Mansel Copse. Amongst the casualties are the poet Lieutenant Noel Hodgson MC and Captain Duncan Martin.


The Vimy Ridge Canadian Memorial

The Memorial was built on what was Hill 145 overlooking the Douai Plain. Made from Dalmatian stone the Memorial is one of the most impressive on the Western Front. Students can take a guided tour of the tunnels and trenches.


Wellington Quarry

la Carrière Wellington is an underground museum which has been carefully and sensitively created in a section of the many kilometres of tunnels dug by the British Army in the Great War. Students can visit the underground network which played a key part in the Battle of Arras.

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