Cambrai & Hindenburg Line History School Trips (3 Days)

At Cambrai, on November 20th, 1917 the first massed assault by tanks began.  The entire Tank Corps consisting of more than 400 vehicles achieved great surprise & success in the initial phase of the battle as the German lines were over-run.  The possibility of a crushing victory was, however, fleeting.  The original plan for what was, in essence, a tank raid had become far more ambitious & the resources available proved to be wholly inadequate to sustain momentum.  Even so, the faith the Germans had placed in the Hindenburg Line defences had been significantly shaken & was to be a factor in encouraging the High Command to launch a major offensive in the spring of 1918.  Following its failure, the vulnerability of the Hindenburg Line in the face of a co-ordinated assault by tanks, artillery, aircraft & infantry, became apparent as the Allies broke through in September, 1918.

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Christmas market



Day One:  Outward Journey

  Anneux Cemetery
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  • School pick-up (06.00 hours approx) & travel to Dover
  • Ferry to Calais / Dunkirk & onward travel
  • Full-board accommodation         for two nights in Arras


Cambrai Battleplan 








Day Two:  The Great Tank Raid at Cambrai, 1917

  • Sonnet Farm & Bonavis
  • St Quentin Canal
  • Masnières Bridge
  • Good Old Man Farm
  • Canal du Nord
  • Havrincourt
  • The Flesquières Tank
  • Flesquières Ridge & Orival
  • Anneux
  • Bourlon Wood
  • Louverval Memorial



Day Three:  Breaking the Hindenburg Line, 1918

  • Maissemy German Cemetery
  • Tennessee Memorial
  • Riqueval Bridge
  • St Quentin Canal Tunnel
  • Return travel to school with evening drop-off
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  Cambrai & Hindenburg Line
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Cambrai & Hindenburg Line

       Main Themes




Bourlon Wood

  • The beginnings of tank warfare & its significance in the context of the First World War & of warfare in the 20th century
  • The development of artillery tactics
  • Reasons for the Ludendorff Offensive & the consequences of its failure
  • Why mobility returned to the Western Front & the tank's role in achieving this in 1918
  • Impact of technology & industrialisation on warfare
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Topics:  Outward Journey / Pre-Tour

    Cambrai German Graves
  • The Alliance System 
  • Causes of WWI
  • Failure of the Schlieffen Plan
  • The Stalemate of 1915
  • Verdun & the Somme, 1916
  • Allied Strategy for 1917

Topics:  The Great Tank Raid at Cambrai, 1917

  • The Germans & the Somme
  • Operation Alberich
  • The Hindenburg Line
  • The Situation in 1917
  • Attrition at Passchendaele
  • The Conscript Army
  • The Tanks at Cambrai
  • Artillery Tactics at Cambrai
  • Tank-Infantry Tactics
  • Reasons for Initial Success
  • The Counter-Attack
  • The Significance of Cambrai

Topics:  Breaking the Hindenburg Line, 1918

  • America's Entry into the War
  • Collapse of Tsarist Russia
  • Impact of Cambrai
  • The Ludendorff Offensive
  • The BEF in 1918
  • The Tactics of 1918
  • The Allied Breakthrough
  • Significance of Breaking the Hindenburg Line

Topics:  Return Journey / Post-Tour

  • The Return of Mobility
  • The "Learning Curve"
  •  Germany's Final Defeat
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Study Materials Relevant to Your GCSE/National Curriculum KS3
  Bourlon Wood-from Anneux-Cemetery
Museums & venues

Our study materials are designed by teachers with GCSE examining experience.  When you book with us, you will receive a copy of both our student study packs & teachers' notes, free of charge. You can:

  • use our study materials exclusively,
  • use your own study materials or
  • use a combination of your own & our materials
The Student Pack Includes  

The Teacher Pack Additionally Includes

  • Factual detail on each location visited as well as background information about the war 
  • Maps, illustrations & a time line of main events
  • Eye-witness accounts - both British & German
  • Tasks, activities & discussion points to provide a focus for each location visited
  • Further guidance notes giving a broader context to each visit
  • A curriculum matrix linking each location to assessments objectives
  • Differentiated mark schemes for written tasks

Integrate with Your Scheme of Work

  Study Materials:  Skills & Concepts  
  • Introductory materials can be used on tour or as part of your pre-tour preparation
  • Study materials on Ludendorff Offensive are also suitable for post-tour follow-up
  • Knowledge, recall & comprehension 
  • Historical concepts
  • Understanding, analysis & evaluation of evidence
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Our Guides


Flesquieres Ridge Cemetery







We believe a study tour is an educational experience best delivered by people with a knowledge and understanding of the educational system & culture. You can discuss learning aims & objectives with your guide so that the tour meets your requirements.

  • Our guides are former teachers, excellent communicators & have examining experience.
  • They have organised tours themselves so understand the demands placed on accompanying staff.
  • They have an enthusiasm for imparting knowledge & ideas & engaging with young minds.

Steve Lomas, BEd, MEd, Cert Ed


Steve has been a guide with Galina since 2012 & is also a Subject Specialist Consultant having developed several tours for the company in recent years,         most notably our Medicine Through Time tour at GCSE & Castles of Edward I at KS3. His guiding experience includes the battlefields of the Western Front &     London tours.     

Steve has been Head of History in three different schools during his career. He has also been a Head of Year & G&T Co-ordinator. Steve has been an examiner for    AQA & OCR as well as a Senior Examiner for Edexcel SHP.

"The tour was outstanding & I thought the Tour Guide was fantastic in his support     & information provided.”

Cardinal Heenan Roman Catholic High School, Leeds

Steve Lomas

Selected & Trained by Galina 
  • We have our own training programme to ensure consistently high standards.
  • Our guides up-to-date with current examination specifications & amendments to Key Stage 3.
  • All guides are DBS-checked.
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    Havrincourt Chateau
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  • All the accommodation we use regularly is audited following guidelines laid down by the School Travel Forum and incorporated into our Safety Management System.

Our Most Popular Accommodation 

  • Poppies, Albert
  • Holiday Inn, Arras
  • Ibis Styles, Bethune


  • Operating Certificate
  • Fire Certificate
  • Food Hygiene Certificate
  • Pest Control Certificate
  • Public Liability Insurance

Safety Audit (Main Headings)

  • Building Design
  • Fire Alarms
  • Escape Routes
  • Signage
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Fire Equipment
  • Fire Prevention
  • Electrics
  • Security
  • Flooring
  • Glass
  • Gas & Water
  • Lifts
  • Balconies & Balustrades
  • Bedrooms & Beds
  • Pool (where applicable)
  • Food Delivery Areas
  • Storage
  • Stock Rotation
  • Food Handling
  • Pest Control
  • Cleanliness
  • Temperature Control
  • Staff Training
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Hurworth House School (near Darlington)

"Alison made the trip. From the very start to the end of the visit Alison made the events of the war come alive. Excellent! The best we have done so far."

North Leamington School, Leamington Spa

"The documents are always very thorough. Terry, the driver, was very accommodating and great to work with, as was Brian, the courier. Very satisfied. All the arrangements were well-organised."


Bramhall High School, Cheshire

"An excellent tour. Thanks to all at Galina. "Everyone – students, staff (and parents) have expressed how good their experience was."


King Henry VIII School, Coventry

"Tour Administrator, Julia, – as efficient as ever. Driver, Ivan, was terrific - always friendly and amenable."

  Louverval Memorial
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