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We organise European School Trips for secondary school groups to Belgium, France, The Western Front, Amsterdam, The Netherlands & Germany. Trips can be tailored to cover your students' specific learning objectives. Click on the tour title for more information or contact a member of our team on Freephone 0800 801 560 to discuss your requirements.

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School Trips to Belgium Subject Focus Duration
Ypres History 1 & 2 days
Medics at Ypres History 3 days
Ypres & Dunkirk History/English 4 days
Private Peaceful English & History 1,2 & 3 days
WWI Battlefields Belgium: Maths Maths 1,2 & 3 days
Religion & Ethics in WWI: Ypres Belgium Religious Studies 1,2 & 3 days
World War One Battlefields: Humanities in Belgium Humanities: History, Religious Studies & English 1,2 & 3 days
School Trips to France  Subject Focus  Duration 
War Poetry of Wilfred Owen (The Somme) English 3 & 4 days
War Poetry of World War One (Ypres, Somme & Vimy Ridge)  English 3 & 4 days
Agincourt & The Somme English 3 days
Wilfred Owen: from the Somme to the Sambre-Oise Canal English 3 & 4 days
Poetry of Ypres, Somme & Hindenburg Line English 3 & 4 days
Paris: Maths Maths 3 days
Paris (with Disneyland® Paris): Maths Maths 4 days
History at Somme & Vimy Ridge History 3 days
History at Ypres, Somme & Vimy Ridge History 4 days
History at Agincourt, Waterloo, the Somme History 4 days
D-Day Landings: Normandy History 4 days
Urban Change: Geography in Paris with Disneyland® Paris Geography 4 days
Ecosystems: Geography in Boulogne & Opal Coast Geography 3 days
Coastal: Geography in Etretat Geography 2 days
Pilgrimage & Worship: Religious Studies in Rouen, Lisieux & Paris Religious Studies 4 days
Languages: French in Paris French 3 days
Languages: French in Paris (with Disneyland® Paris)
French 4 days
Languages: French in Boulogne French 1,2,3 days
Languages: French in Normandy & Mont St. Michel French 4 days
Languages: French in the Loire Valley French 4 days
Christmas Markets: Lille French 1,2,3 days
Christmas Markets: Lille & Paris French 4 days
Christmas Markets: Amiens French 3 days
Christmas Markets: Amiens & Paris French 4 days
Science in Paris with Disneyland® Paris
Science 4 days
Art in Paris Art 3 days
Art in Paris (with Disneyland® Paris) Art 4 days
Impressionists in Paris Art 4 days
Art in Normandy Art 4 days 
Music in Paris & Yvelines Music 3 days
Music in Disneyland® Paris   Music 3 days
Music in Paris & Disneyland® Paris Music 4 days
School Trips to the Western Front  Subject Focus   Duration
Birdsong: English on the Western Front   English  3 & 4 days 
Ypres, Messines, Passchendaele  History  3 days 
School Trips to Amsterdam/The Netherlands  Subject Focus Duration 
History in Amsterdam & Kamp Vught   History 4 days 
Ecosystems at Burgers' Zoo - Geography in Arnhem Geography 3 & 4 days
Urban Change - Geography in Amsterdam Geography 3 days
Flood Management - Geography in the Netherlands Geography 3 days
The Dutch Holocaust: Religious Studies in Amsterdam Religious Studies  4 days
Science in Amsterdam Science 3 & 4 days
Science in the Netherlands: Ecosystems Science 3 & 4 days
Art in Amsterdam Art 3 days
Art in Amsterdam Art 4 days
School Trips to Germany  Subject  Focus  Duration 
History in Berlin, Wannsee & Amsterdam  History  7 days 
History in Berlin & Auschwitz History 9 days
Languages: Berlin German  6 days 
Languages: German in Cologne  German  3 days 
Languages: Cologne & Phantasialand  German 4 days
Christmas Markets: Cologne German/Educational 3 days

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