The Dutch Holocaust: Amsterdam Religious Studies School Trips

Our Religious Studies school trips to Amsterdam examines racism in the context of the Holocaust and the Second World War.  It explores how Nazi Racial Theory led first to discrimination & the denial of human rights & ultimately to persecution & genocide. 

All our visits & study materials are designed to ensure that your students not only gain knowledge & understanding of religion & beliefs (AO1) but are also encouraged to evaluate their significance & influence on the world in which we live (AO2).




 Anne Frank Statue   Day One:  Outward Travel
  Amsterdam Homomonument
  • School pick-up (06.00 hours approx) & travel to Dover
  • Ferry to Calais / Dunkirk
  • Full-board accommodation in / near Amsterdam for three nights

Day Two:  Amsterdam   
  • Anne Frank House (optional)
  • Westerkerk & Homomonument
  • No 9 Plantage Parklaan
  • Hollandsche Schouwburg Theatre
  • Auschwitz Memorial & Jewish Quarter
  • Free Time (see leisure options)
  Day Three:  Kamp Vught & Arnhem
  • Barrack Block & Cell 115
  • Children's Memorial
  • Post-Mortem Room
  • Crematorium & Ashes Pit
  • Arnhem Bridge
  • Oosterbeek Cemetery
  Day Four:  Return
  • Depart after breakfast & travel to Calais
  • Ferry to Dover & return to school.
  • Evening drop-off  (time dependent upon distance from Dover)
Three-Day Tour (Southern Schools)   Free Time Leisure Options  
  • This study tour can be completed in three days by schools within approximately 120 miles of Dover

  • Canal cruise • Dam Square & the Nine Streets • Flower Market

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Amsterdam & Kamp Vught



Main Themes


  Vught Barracks


  • Prejudice, discrimination & Christian views on equality & justice
  • Types of prejudice & discrimation
  • The sanctity of life
  • Suffering & the problem of evil
  • Cemeteries, Memorials & views on the afterlife
  • How places of worship affect styles of worship
  • "Just War" theory
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Outward Journey / Pre-Tour

      Anne Frank Statue
  • Historical Context
  • Nazi Racial Theory
  • Racism & Anti-Semitism


  • Prejudice & Discimination
  • The Dutch Holocaust
  • Suppression of Freedoms
  • Anti-Jewish Laws
  • Persecution of Minorities
  • Types of Prejudice
  • Inequality & Injustice
  • Segregation
  • Registration
  • Persecution & Genocide
  • The Death Camps
  • Responses to Injustice

Vught & Arnhem

  • Concentration Camp System
  • Vught Camp Organisation
  • Nazi Attitudes to Children
  • Transportation
  • Sanctity of Life
  • The Nazis & the Problem of Evil
  • "Just War" Theory
  • Cemeteries & Memorials 
  • Places of Worship
  • Christian Art & Architecture
  • Christian Symbolism

Return Journey / Post-Tour

  • Nationalism & Tribalism
  • Reconciliation & Forgiveness
  • Retribution
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  Amsterdam & Vught
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Study Materials Relevant to Your GCSE

Vught Watchtower  


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Our guides

Our study packs


Our study materials are designed by teachers with GCSE examining experience.  When you book with us, you will receive a copy of both our student study packs & teachers' notes, free of charge. You can:

  • Use our study materials exclusively
  • Use your own study materials
  • Use a combination of your own & our materials
The Student Pack Includes  

The Teacher Pack Additionally Includes

  • Factual detail on each location visited as well as background informationr 
  • Maps, illustrations & a time line of events
  • Profiles of key figures
  • Tasks, activities & discussion points to provide a focus for each location visited
  • Further guidance notes giving a broader context to each visit
  • A curriculum matrix linking each location to assessments objectives

Integrate with Your Scheme of Work

  • Introductory materials can be used on tour or as part of your pre-tour preparation
  • Study materials are also suitable for post-tour follow-up
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Our Guides


Amsterdam Auschwitz Memorial







We believe a study tour is an educational experience best delivered by people with a knowledge and understanding of the educational system & culture. You can discuss learning aims & objectives with your guide so that the tour meets your requirements.

  • Our guides are former teachers, excellent communicators & have examining experience.
  • They have organised tours themselves so understand the demands placed on accompanying staff.
  • They have an enthusiasm for imparting knowledge & ideas & engaging with young minds.


Bruce Hubbard, BA (Hons), PGCE, DASE



Bruce was a Head of History & Humanities at Ainsdale High School, Sefton, Liverpool. He has worked for Galina since 2007 & was a school client for several years previously. His guide experience includes both History to the Western Front & RS tours to Amsterdam & Vught in the Netherlands. Bruce is a member of the Western Front Association & Great War Forum.

Bruce has more than 30 years' teaching experience & has been an examiner.

“Bruce, was fantastic. He was enthusiastic & helpful. He also spoke directly to the students enabling them to feel he was approachable. They listened & responded brilliantly to him.”

Woodcote High School, Coulsdon, Surrey

  Bruce Hubbard  


Selected & Trained by Galina 

  • We have our own training programme to ensure consistently high standards.
  • Our guides up-to-date with current examination specifications & amendments to Key Stage 3.
  • All guides are DBS-checked.

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    Stayokay Amsterdam Zeeburg



The accommodation we use regularly is audited following guidelines laid down by the School Travel Forum and incorporated into our Safety Management System.


Stayokay Hostel, Amsterdam Zeeburg


The hostel is located in a former technical school to the east of the city in a quiet suburb of Amsterdam and within easy reach of the city centre. As such it is convenient for visiting the Anne Frank House and old Jewish Quarter, the Nemo Centre, Corpus & the city's art galleries.

Stayokay Amstedam Zeeburg Bedroom

Stayokay Amsterdam Zeeburg Dining Room

 Stayokay Amsterdam Zeeburg Reception







Accommodation Factfile

  • Capacity for 483 guests in        96 rooms on four floors
  • Lift to all floors
  • Rooms accommodate              two to six people
  • En-suite facilities
  • Bunk beds
  • Twin rooms for staff
  • Restaurant, bar & terrace
  • Games room
  • Disabled access
  • Free WiFi in public areas
  • Bed linen provided. Take         your own towels
  • Coach parking nearby

Stayokay Hostel, Arnhem

    Stayokay Arnhem


This hostel is located to the north of Arnhem in a rural setting on the edge of the Hoge Veluwe National Park. The city centre is just five minutes by coach as is Burger's Zoo. Kamp Vught is further away; the journey taking approximately 70 minutes.

Stayokay Arnhem Bedroom 






Stayokay Arnhem Dining Room

Stayokay Arnhem Table Tennis


Accommodation Factfile

  • Capacity for 183 guests in       33 rooms on two floors
  • Lift to second floor
  • Rooms accommodate              four to eight people
  • En-suite facilities
  • Bunk beds
  • Twin rooms for staff
  • 2 dining rooms, bar & terrace
  • Games room
  • Disabled access
  • Free WiFi in public areas
  • Bed linen provided. Take         your own towels
  • Coach parking
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Kings' School, Winchester

"We are extremely grateful for the tour we have just arrived home from last night, (Anne Frank tour). The quality and efforts put in by both Trevor our guide and Terry our driver were fantastic. They were able to engage the pupils relating the events of the Holocaust in an accessible yet meaningful way. We are certainly thinking of repeating the trip."


Bennett Memorial School, Tunbridge Wells

"It was, as one member of staff said "life changing". The guide was fantastic, as was the coach driver, who both completed the trip perfectly. We'd do it again!"


The Elton High School, Bury

"Bruce, the guide, and Stan, the driver, were absolutely fantastic. The staff and the students were thoroughly impressed. Our tour was enhanced by their presence. Superb. Couldn't wish for better people. The tour overall was excellent. Extremely insightful and memorable. We all learnt so much from it and would recommend it highly. Thank you to all involved."


Hanham High School, Bristol

"Excellent. Pupils enjoyed the experience. The drivers, courier and accommodation were excellent."
  Vught Watchtower and Fence
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