Agincourt & the Somme English School Trips (3 Days)

The Agincourt & the Somme tour is designed for students studying the Eduqas GCSE specification in English. The core texts studied in situ are: Henry V, The Soldier, Dulce et Decorum Est & Mametz Wood.

Agincourt was a stunning victory against the odds while the Somme, was a dreadful slaughter that failed to break the stalemate of the trenches but both battles which have left a rich literary legacy. Shakespeare did not create but he certainly helped to promote the legend of the 'happy few', bowmen who defeated the arrogant chivalry of France under the inspirational leadership of King Hal. Was his Henry V a celebration of war or a critique? There is no doubt that much of the poetry of the First World War was a heartfelt rejection of the 'pity of war' by those who saw at first-hand the horror of the Western Front but the theme continues to produce great works of modern poetry & prose.




Day One: Outward Journey

Tea up

  • School pick-up (06.00 hours approx) & travel to Dover
  • Ferry to Calais / Dunkirk & onward travel
  • Full-board accommodation
  • Hotels in the Lille or Albert area

Caribou Memorial Newfoundland Park



Day Two: The Somme, 1916

  • Mansel Copse & Devonshire Cemetery (Hodgson's grave)
  • Dartmoor Cemetery
  • Mametz Wood
  • Ovillers & "Mash" Valley
  • Thiepval Memorial to the Missing of the Somme
  • Lochnagar Crater
  • Newfoundland Park
  • Serre (Pals' battalions)
  • Ulster Tower

Day Four: Agincourt & Return

  • Agincourt Battlefield
  • Agincourt Museum
  • Return to Calais
  • Hypermarket visit
  • Return travel to school with evening drop-off
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Relevant GCSE Specifications

      agincourt museum
  • Eduqas English Literature GCSE: Component 1A Shakespeare Henry V; Component 1B: Poetry from 1789 to the Present Day (Brooke - The Soldier; Owen - Dulce et Decorum Est; Sheers - Mametz Wood)
  • AO1 Develop an informed personal response

  • AO3 Show understanding of the relationships between texts and the contexts in which they were written


Historic & Literary Background to Agincourt

  • Medieval warfare
  • Long-bowmen versus men at arms
  • The leadership of Henry V
  • Development of the battle
  • Factors influencing the outcome
  • The significance of Agincourt
  • The development of the legend
  • Shakespeare 's sources
  • Shakespeare & history
  • Tudor propaganda
  • The message of Henry V
  • Henry V in recent times

Historical & Literary Background to WWI

  • 1870-1914: A Changing Europe
  • Causes of WWI
  • The optimism of 1914
  • The rush to volunteer
  • Poetry of patriotism
  • Jingoism
  • Trenches established
  • Conditions in the trenches
  • 1915: Stalemate
  • Gas attacks
  • Poetry of resolution
  • 1916: Battle of the Somme
  • Poetry of bitterness
  • 1917: German Retreat to the Hindenburg Line & the British pursuit
  • 1918: The Year of Victory
  • Ludendorff's Offensive
  • The Advance to Victory
  • Breaking the Hindenburg Line
  • Death of Wilfred Owen
  • WWI in Memory
  • Modern interpretations of the genre
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Study Materials Relevant to Your GCSE
  Students at Queens Cemetery

Our study materials are designed by teachers with GCSE experience.  When you book with us, you will receive a copy of both our student study packs & teachers' notes to download free of charge. You can:

  • Use our study materials exclusively
  • Use your own study materials
  • Use a combination of your own & our materials
The Student Pack Includes  

The Teacher Pack Additionally Includes

  • Factual detail on each location visited as well as background information
  • Maps & a time line of events
  • Discussion points to provide a focus for each location visited
  • Further guidance notes giving a broader context to each visit
  • A curriculum matrix linking each location to assessments objectives

Integrate with Your Scheme of Work

  • Introductory materials can be used on tour or as part of your pre-tour preparation
  • Study materials are also suitable for post-tour follow-up
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Our Guides


monument agincourt opt







We believe a study tour is an educational experience best delivered by people with a knowledge and understanding of the educational system & culture. You can discuss learning aims & objectives with your guide so that the tour meets your requirements.

  • Our guides are former teachers, excellent communicators & have examining experience.
  • They have organised tours themselves so understand the demands placed on accompanying staff.
  • They have an enthusiasm for imparting knowledge & ideas & engaging with young minds.


Dr David Nunn, BA (Hons), MA, MEd, PGCE, PhD


David Nunn


David has worked closely with Nottinghamshire County Council to research the impact of the Great War on the county & has given numerous presentations to Western Front Association branches & historical societies. His specialism is the literature of the Great War & the impact of war on Nottinghamshire. Since joining us in 2014, his guide experience includes Western Front tours for both History & English groups.

David has over 30 years' experience teaching History & English in secondary schools & lecturing to undergraduates at Derby & Nottingham Universities.

"Our tour guide was outstanding. What makes him outstanding includes his ability to communicate his passion and understanding of the conflict through stories. Simply the best!"  The Mount School, York


Selected & Trained by Galina 

  • We have our own training programme to ensure consistently high standards.
  • Our guides up-to-date with current examination specifications & amendments to Key Stage 3.
  • All guides are DBS-checked.
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    poppies albert bedroom opt 

The accommodation we use regularly is audited following guidelines laid down by the School Travel Forum and incorporated into our Safety Management System.

  • Building Design
  • Fire Alarms
  • Escape Routes
  • Signage
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Fire Equipment
  • Fire Prevention
  • Electrics
  • Security
  • Flooring
  • Glass
  • Gas & Water
  • Lifts
  • Balconies & Balustrades
  • Bedrooms & Beds
  • Pool (where applicable)
  • Food Delivery Areas
  • Storage
  • Stock Rotation
  • Food Handling
  • Pest Control
  • Cleanliness
  • Temperature Control
  • Staff Training

The Poppies, Albert

    Poppies Albert

The Poppies Albert is situated 5 minutes' walk away from the Albert Basilica in the town centre.  Evening meals are taken in a restaurant also near the town centre. Each floor in the hotel can take a group.  An access code is required to open the main door to each floor from the outside so groups can be kept securely separate.  The hotel is ideally placed for schools visiting the Somme battlefield. 


Poppies Albert Student Bedroom

Poppies Albert Dining Room


Poppies Albert Games Room  

Accommodation Factfile

  • Capacity for 186 students & staff in 48 bedrooms on 3 floors (access by stairs)
  • Staff in twin rooms
  • En-suite facilities
  • Single & bunk beds
  • Breakfast room
  • Games room
  • Central heating
  • Free WiFi
  • Staff lounge & minibar
  • Coach parking
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    Agincourt Gallery
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  Somme & Vimy Locations
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Walworth Academy, London

"I was extremely impressed with the quality of service, support and attention to detail. It was a very special experience for our students whose background has meant they have never had such a wonderful opportunity before."


St Augustine's Catholic High School, Redditch

"Very, very satisfied. Excellent tour – thoroughly enjoyed it."


Yateley School, Hampshire

"Our trip to Ypres, Vimy, Bruges and the Somme last week was excellent in every way. Richard enthused and inspired all of our students. The coach company was superb. Thank you so much for the care and effort you put into the planning of our tour."


Wales High School, Sheffield

"Tony, the driver, was friendly, professional and very helpful. Accommodation – very helpful in accommodating students with special diets also. Tour guide – our second tour with Trevor – excellent again! The tour was very well-organised and beneficial to the students. Everyone involved was friendly, helpful and professional. Thanks!"
  bowman opt

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