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History & Battlefield Trips to France, Belgium, UK & Netherlands

Welcome to Galina's History & Battlefield Study Tours

Galina International offers a wide range of study tours directly relevant to your examination specification. Our study tours are divided into three sections: Battlefields in France & Belgium, Germany 1919-45 & UK Tours.

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Battlefields in France & Belgium

First World War battlefields visited include Ypres, Loos, the Somme, Messines & Passchendaele, Vimy Ridge, Arras, Cambrai & the Hindenburg Line.

Second World War battlefields include Dunkirk & Normandy.

We also offer tours to Agincourt & Waterloo.


Germany, 1919-45

Our study tours relating to this period in German history are based in the Netherlands, Germany & Poland:

Our Dutch-based tour examines the implementation of the Final Solution in the Amsterdam & the Netherlands with visits to the Anne Frank House, the Jewish Quarter & the Dutch concentration camp at Vught.

Our Berlin-based tour looks at the rise of Hitler, the creation & maintenance of the Nazi State, the persecution of minorities & the impact of the Second World War.  Locations visited include the sites of Third Reich government buildings, the Reichstag, Brandenburg Gate, Holocaust Memorial, Wannsee Villa, Olympic Stadium, Sachsenhausen, Soviet Memorial, former East Berlin & the Berlin Wall.

This tour can be extended to include a three-day excursion to Poland & Krakow to visit the deah camp at Auschwitz-Birkenau.


UK Tours:  New for 2014

'The Castles of Edward I' tour is based along the coast of North Wales. Visits to Conway, Caernarfon, Beaumaris & Beaumaris can be arranged. This tour has been designed for KS3 History groups.

'Medicine Through Time' is based in London & includes visits to the Old Operating Theatre, Hunterian Museum, the Anaestesia Heritage Museum, the Alexander Fleming Laboratory & the Florence Nightingale Museum.  This tour also includes a Public Health Walk through Southwark.


Cross-Curricular Links

English:  Poetry of the First World War.

Religious Studies:  Religion, War & Ethics in Ypres & Anne Frank & the Dutch Holocaust in Amsterdam.


Combined Tours

If you want to organise a Humanities tour then we can look to combine both our History & Geography study tours to North Wales.


Curriculum Relevance

Our History study tours are relevant to the following:


National Curriculum KS3

Key Concepts & Processes, Content: War & Technological Change (Battlefields); The Holocaust (Germany); Development of Political Power & Relations between English & Welsh (Castles of Edward I)

GCSE Specifications

AQA A: Unit 1a ~ Study in Development (Medicine Through Time), Unit 2d ~ Enquiry in Depth (Germany 1919-45)

AQA B: Unit 1, Part 1 ~ Outline Study (International Relations), Unit 2, Section B ~ Depth Study (Hitler's Germany), Unit 3, Option 2 ~ Historical Enquiry ~ Britain at War)

Edexcel A: Unit 1, Section 1 ~ Outline Study (International Rivalry 1900-14), Unit 2a ~ Depth Study (Germany 1918-39), Units 3a & 3b ~ Source Enquiries ~ War & British Society, 1903-28 & 1931-51), Unit 4 (CA1) ~ Controlled Assessment (Germany 1918-39)

Edexcel B: Unit 1a ~ Development Study (Medicine & Treatment), Unit1c ~ Development Study (Changing Nature of Warfare), Unit 2c ~ Depth Study (Germany 1919-45), Unit 3a ~ Source Enquiry (Transformation of Surgery, 1845-1918), Unit 4 (CA1) ~ Controlled Assessment (Germany 1918-39)

OCR A: Unit A951 ~ Study in Development (Medicine Through Time) & Study in Depth (Germany 1919-45), Unit A952 ~ Historical Source Enquiry (Developments in British Medicine, 1200-45)

OCR B: Unit A971 ~ Studies in Depth (Germany 1918-45; Causes & Events of the First World War)

WJEC Route A: Unit 1/2, ~ Studies in Depth (Wales & England in the Early 20th Century; Germany in Transition 1929-47), Unit 3 ~ Outline (Development of Germany 1919-91)

WJEC Route B: Unit 1 ~ Study in Depth (Germany in Transition, 1929-47), Unit 3 ~ Development Study(Changes in Health & Medicine)

Scottish Arrangements

SQA: Scottish History: (Paper 2), European & World History: (Paper 1)


History Study Tour Venues


Venues listed below can be included in your study tour as appropriate.  Click on the links below for further details 


World War I




World War II




Netherlands, Germany & Poland




UK:  London & North Wales




Other Venues