UK National Curriculum & Exam Boards

Below are links to the websites of the main assessment bodies in the UK & for some of the main international qualifications available.


Awarding Body


UK National Curriculum Requirements


Link to the current orders for all Key Stages






IGCSE - Course Information & Specifications


Link to the Cambridge IGCSE website



IGCSE 14-16



AQA - Assessment & Qualifications Alliance


AQA's listings by subject & then level



Subjects Home Page



OCR - Oxford, Cambridge & RSA

  OCR's subject listings. You can also search by qualification    


Subjects Home Page



Edexcel - Pearson Education Ltd

  Edexcel's subject listings    


Subjects Home Page



WJEC/EDUCAS - Welsh Joint Education Committee

  WJEC/EDUCAS list by subject & then by qualification type    


Qualifications Home Page 



IB - International Baccalaureate

  Link to the IB website for PYP, MYP & Diploma Programme    


IB Programme 


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