Coasts & Tourism Study: Geography School Trips to Dorset

Explore Dorset's Jurassic Coast when you take your students on a Geography school trip. The focus is on the impact of tourism along Britain's first natural World Heritage site. Students will also have the opportunity to study the coastal landforms & processes which make this section of the south coast so distinctive & globally significant.

The location is ideal for a combined physical (coastal processes and landforms) and human geography (pressure on rural settlements) fieldtrip, enabling students to carry out data collection to satisfy their GCSE fieldwork requirement or as part of an applied fieldwork enquiry. 

We can tailor your visit to cover your students' specific learning objectives.  Please ask to speak to one of our Geography Consultants to discuss your particular requirements. We also offer the services of a specialist Geography Guide.




Two-Day Tour




  • Day 1: School pick-up (no earlier than 06.00 hours) & travel to Dorset
  • Fieldwork in Lyme Regis & the Cobb (tourism & environmental management)
  • Data collection & activities provided
  • Check-in at accommodation in Lyme Regis or Poole & evening meal
  • Day 2: Morning visit to Portland Bill (coastal processes & landforms)
  • Afternoon: Visit Lulworth Cove area (coastal erosion & landforms)
  • Optional activity: coastal walk to Durdle Door
  • Return to school with evening drop-off (time dependent on school location)
Lulworth Cove Landscape

Three-Day Tour

  • Day 1: School pick-up (earliest 06.00 hours) & travel to Dorset. Late morning/lunch-time arrival
  • Afternoon: Lyme Regis & the Cobb
  • Day 2: Visits to Portland & Lulworth as above
  • Optional coastal walk to Durdle Door
  • Two nights' half-board accommodation
  • Day 3: Morning: Visit to Chesil Beach (coastal erosion & landforms) or Sandbanks & Studland dunes (environmental management)
  • Data collection & activities provided
  • Return to school with evening drop-off (time dependent on school location)


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Coastal Processes & Tourism


  Studland Dunes



Durdle Door Dorset

Lulworth Cove:  One of the best examples of this type of landform in the world. Study the results of coastal erosion & discover how & why headlands, bays, arches, stacks & stumps are formed.
Portland Bill:  Famed for Portland Stone, this area offers the opportunity to study the impact of wave action on a more resistant limestone headland.
Chesil Beach:  Britain's best known example of a tombolo coast & ideal for explaining how longshore drift & deposition work.
Lyme Regis:  Tourism is the major source of employment in Lyme Regis. Both 'soft' & 'hard' engineering techniques have been used to protect the town from flooding & to combat coastal erosion. The harbour wall - the Cobb - features in Jane Austen's Persuasion.
Poole & Studland Bay:  Popular for its sandy beaches, dunes & heathland. 'Soft' engineering methods such as dune stabilisation & beach replenishment protect the coastline.
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Curriculum Relevance  
National Curriculum KS3


St Oswalds Bay 370x480  

Interaction between human & physical processes


Physical geography: coastal processes

Interpretation of OS maps & data collection
GCSE & A Level

Human Geography: Location & description of place, map skills, field sketching, scale, role of sea defences, hard & soft engineering, groynes, gabions, economic & social sustainability, impact of tourism, rural depopulation


Physical Geography: Coastal processes & the effects of weather & wave action,  erosion, wave-cut platforms


Arches, stacks & caves, rock structures, fractures, faults & folds,

Deposition, longshore drift, swash & backwash, sand, sediment & shingle.
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Study Materials
Stair hole and Lulworth Crumple

Our study materials are designed by teachers with GCSE & A Level examining experience.  When you book with us, you will receive a copy of both our student study packs & teachers' notes, free of charge. You can:

  • use our study materials exclusively
  • use your own study materials
  • use a combination of your own & our materials

The Student Pack Includes


The Teacher Pack Additionally Includes

  • Information on each location visited
  • Maps, diagrams & illustrations
  • Data collection sheets
  • Exam-style fieldwork questions (GCSE groups)
  • Guidance notes giving a broader context to each visit
  • A curriculum matrix linking each location to the curriculum

Integrate with Your Scheme of Work

  Study Materials:  Skills & Concepts  
  • Introductory materials can be used on tour or as part of your pre-tour preparation
  • Study materials are also suitable for post-tour follow-up
  • Knowledge & comprehension 
  • Key Geographical concepts
  • Map skills & sense of place
  • Understand, analyse & evaluate evidence
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Our Guides










We believe a study tour is an educational experience best delivered by people with a knowledge and understanding of the educational system & culture. You can discuss learning aims & objectives with your guide so that the tour meets your requirements.

  • Our Geography guides are former teachers, excellent communicators & have examining experience.
  • They have organised tours themselves so understand the demands placed on accompanying staff.
  • They have an enthusiasm for imparting knowledge & ideas & engaging with young minds.


Julian Maslin BSc, MSc, PGCE



Julian has worked for Galina as a Geography Guide since 2011, helping to design many of our new geography tours to London & Dorset & further developing our Paris urban fieldwork.

Julian has more than 30 years' experience teaching Geography & Earth Sciences in Staffordshire. He has also been an examiner at GCSE & A-level.

"Excellent; the tour was exactly as described. Julian also added a few extra things that he thought would be of interest to our students. He was extremely knowledgeable & the students were very interested in what he had to say."

Cirencester, Deer Park School

  Julian Maslin  


Selected & Trained by Galina 

  • We have our own training programme to ensure consistently high standards.
  • Our guides up-to-date with current examination specifications & amendments to Key Stage 3.
  • All guides are DBS-checked.
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  • The accommodation we use regularly is audited following guidelines laid down by the School Travel Forum and incorporated into our Safety Management System.


Our Most Popular Accommodation

  • Premier Inn
  • Travelodge
  • Group accommodation



  • Operating Certificate
  • Fire Certificate
  • Food Hygiene Certificate
  • Pest Control Certificate
  • Public Liability Insurance


Our Safety Audit Includes:

  • Building Design
  • Fire Alarms
  • Escape Routes
  • Signage
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Fire Equipment
  • Fire Prevention
  • Electrics
  • Security
  • Flooring
  • Glass
  • Gas & Water
  • Lifts
  • Balconies & Balustrades
  • Bedrooms & Beds
  • Pool (where applicable)
  • Food Delivery Areas
  • Storage
  • Stock Rotation
  • Food Handling
  • Pest Control
  • Cleanliness
  • Temperature Control
  • Staff Training


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Norton Canes High School, Staffordshire

"A successful tour & the students all really enjoyed it.  We will definitely run the tour again."


Longhill High School, Brighton

"I found the pack informative, concise & easy to use.  Kevin, the driver, was punctual, courteous & considerate at all times.  He was keen to accommodate our needs & dealt with problems with students in a professional manner.  Accommodation exceeded our expectations & provided good food & customer service." 


Eskdale School, Whitby, North Yorkshire

"I cannot praise Stan, the driver, highly enough.  His driving skills, attitude to the students & all round helpfulness were exemplary.  Another excellent tour with no problems." 


Woodlands School, Basildon

"Tour administration is always very efficient.  Marlène helps us to make each trip memorable & (where possible) meets our requests."
  St Oswalds Bay
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