Impressionist: Art School Trips to Normandy (4 Days)

Arrange an Art school trip with us to study Impressionist Art in Normandy. The variable light of the Normandy coast inspired many painters to visit the region.  Discover where some of the the great impressionist artists worked & visit the principal galleries where their works are displayed.  The tour includes a visit to Monet's house & garden at Giverny as well as the historic city of Rouen with its magnificent cathedral.  The museums in Rouen & Le Havre contain some of the most important collections of Impressionist works in France.  

We are happy to discuss the details of the itinerary with you & can tailor your tour to cover your particular interests & requirements.




Day One: Outward Travel

  monet etretat opt



  • School pick-up (06.00 hours approx) & travel to Normandy via Dover
  • Check-in at accommodation in Normandy.
  • Half-board for three nights (breakfasts & evening meals)

Day Two:  Rouen & Giverny

  • Morning visit to Rouen including the Cathedral & surrounding Medieval Streets & Market Place
  • The Musée des Beaux-Arts in Rouen
  • Afternoon visit to Monet's house & garden at Giverny
  • Return to accommodation
  • Evening meal

Day Three: Honfleur & Le Havre

  • Morning visit to Honfleur, especially the old port area painted by several Impressionist painters
  • Visit to the Musée d'Art Moderne André Malraux (MuMa) in Le Havre
  • Return to accommodation
  • Evening meal

Day Four: Return

  • Depart after breakfast & travel to Calais with hypermarket visit (time permitting) en-route
  • Return to school via Dover
  • Evening drop-off

Itinerary Planning

  • This itinerary is suggested only to assist with your tour planning
  • It is not designed to be prescriptive & we are happy to tailor it to your particular requirements
  • Why not add a day (or two) in Paris to complete the impressionist experience?
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Impressionists in Normandy



Main Themes

  rouen cathedral


monet impressio soleil levant opt
  • The life & work of the great impressionists
  • The historical & cultural context
  • Develop ideas through investigations, demonstrating analytical and cultural understanding
  • Record ideas, observations and insights
  • Present a personal informed response demonstrating analytical and critical understanding

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Rouen Cathedral

  lily pond giverny
rouen cathedral facade opt
The Cathedral in Rouen is a masterpiece of medieval Gothic architecture. Between 1892 and 1894 Monet completed thirty paintings of the facade under changing light conditions.
It has been said that 'the subtle interweaving of colors, the keen perception of the artist and the use of texture all serve to create a series of shimmering images in light and colour; masterpieces worthy of the grandeur of their subject matter.'



Musée des Beaux-Arts, Rouen

rouen musée des beaux arts opt
The Musée des Beaux Arts in Rouen houses the second largest collection of Impressionist works in France with paintings by Sisley, Renoir, Pissarro & Degas.
Other European schools from the 15th to the 21st century are also represented with works by artists such as Veronese, Rubens, Caravaggio, Hyacinthe Rigaud, Fragonard, Élisabeth Vigée, David, Delacroix, Carrière & Modigliani.



Medieval Rouen


Rouen Grande Horloge opt
The picturesque streets, medieval buildings and striking modern architecture make Rouen an ideal location for an art tour. The capital of Normandy once the centre of English rule, the city of St Joan, of Corneille and Flaubert celebrates its history and its culture in many different ways.
The Church of St Joan, completed in 1979, typifies the blending of ancient with the contemporary.
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More Visits



monet nympheas opt



honfleur opt
The old town of Honfleur is especially known for its picturesque port. The Vieux-Bassin, lined with 16th- to 18th-century townhouses, was painted by many artists, including Courbet, Boudin, Monet & Jongkind, forming the école d'Honfleur which contributed to the development of the Impressionist movement.
On a clear day there is a panoramic view of the Seine estuary and the city of Le Havre from the hill above the town.

Monet's House & Garden at Giverny

Giverny Japanese Bridge Ariane Cauderlier opt
Claude Monet lived in his house at Giverny from 1883 to 1926. His garden reflects both his passion for flowers as well as colour & was the inspiration for some of his most famous paintings - in particular the Water Lily series.

It is composed of two main sections; a flower garden, the Clos Normand, in front of the house & a Japanese-inspired water garden with its famous bridge on the other side of the road. The two parts contrast & complement one another.


MuMa, Le Havre


muma opt
The Musée d'Art Moderne André Malraux (also known as Musée Malraux or simply MuMa) contains one of France's most extensive collections of impressionist paintings.
Artists represented in the collection include Corot, Boudin, Degas, Manet, Renoir, Gauguin, Sisley, Pissarro, Matisse as well as a number of old masters.
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Leisure Options


Leisure Options   cider apples opt
For many teachers (& their students) a visit to France is not only a curriculum-focused learning opportunity but also a chance to experience a different culture. Some activities take a relatively short amount of time (up to an hour). Others require a longer period where it would be best to allocate 2 to 3 hours to get the full value. For more information talk to our Tour Administrators for further details & prices (where applicable). 

Some Options

  • Cider Farm: Normandy is famous for the quality of its apples and cider and a tour of one of the artisan cider makers offers an authentic taste of the region.
  • Cheese Farm: Normandy is well known for its Camembert cheese and a number of producers offer the chance for groups to view the production and sample the product.
  • Traditional Markets: to experience traditional France at its most authentic why not include a visit to one of the many markets where local farmers bring their produce for sale.
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Help Organising your Tour

  Eggars School Group




Galina has over 25 years experience in organising school trips for school & youth groups to Paris. We therefore offer the services of your own Tour Administrator who will guide you through each step of the process, from your initial enquiry to your departure & return. 


We have developed a number of useful documents that will help you when preparing to launch your tour & with your visit application via the Senior Management or your EVC.


Risk assessment advice is available &, once booked, we can provide a helpful guide that can be used to formulate your own tailored risk assessment.


There are links to several useful documents below that can be downloaded to help trip preparation.



Launching Your Tour


Preparing for Departure             



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Safety     wine and fruit opt
  • The accommodation we use regularly is audited following guidelines laid down by the School Travel Forum and incorporated into our Safety Management System.
Our Most Popular Accommodation     
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  • Food Hygiene Certificate
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  • Public Liability Insurance
Safety Audit (Main Headings)    
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  • Escape Routes
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  • Electrics
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  • Pool (where applicable)
  • Food Delivery Areas
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  • Stock Rotation
  • Food Handling
  • Pest Control
  • Cleanliness
  • Temperature Control
  • Staff Training
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Pleckgate High School, Blackburn


"Excellent!  This was my first overseas trip and Sue was always available & quick to respond to my many pleas for help.  Driver, Owen, was brilliant!  In fact, I've just sent him a thank-you card from the children. He greeted us each morning with a smile & a spotless coach."



Trinity High School, Manchester


"Our Tour Administrator has been very helpful with all my questions in the lead up to the trip. The driver, Owen, was extremely helpful during the tour, patient with the students, friendly and very reliable. Excellent tour. The tour was a brilliant experience for the students which is why I chose the word excellent. It is definitely something we will do again next year.


JFS, Harrow


"All communication with Galina, in particular, Dominique, was excellent, clear & helpful.  Steve, our driver, was excellent!  We would welcome him joining us on future trips!"



St Mary's College, Hull


"Communication with David, our tour administrator, throughout the year was excellent.  The coach driver, Dave, was excellent & I find it difficult to commend him highly enough.  Our Tour Director, Julian, was excellent throughout the trip.  I would definitely ask for Julian again if he is available."

  monets house in giverny opt
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