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Our current team of guides is listed below along with some information about their experience & specialisms.

Steve Clarke

Steve Clarke, BA (Hons), PGCE

Degree in History & PGCE from Hull University with 30 years' teaching experience in secondary schools in Hull. Head of Humanities & prior to retiring was an Assistant Head. Steve is a Regional Volunteer for The War Memorials Trust. Steve joined Galina in 2010, having led school groups as a client for a number of years.

  • Guide Experience: History & RS Tours, The Western Front, The Netherlands

  • Area of Special Interest: The Western Front
 Bruce Hubbard

Bruce Hubbard BA (Hons), PGCE, DASE

Degree is History. Bruce is a retired secondary school teacher with over 30 years' experience. He was a former Head of History & Humanities. Bruce is a local councillor & former Mayor of Maghull, Liverpool. Long-standing member of the Western Front Association & the Great War Forum. He has worked for Galina since 2007 & was a school client for several years previously.

  • Guide Experience: History & RS Tours, The Western Front, Amsterdam & Vught

  • Area of Special Interest: Liverpool Scottish on the Western Front
 Steve Lomas

Steve Lomas BEd, MEd, Cert Ed

Masters in History of Education from Manchester. Steve has over 30 years' experience teaching History, having been Head of History in three different schools during this time. He has also been a Head of Year & G&T Co-ordinator. Steve has been an examiner for AQA & OCR as well as a Senior Examiner for Edexcel SHP.

  • Guide Experience: History Tours

  • Areas of Special Interest: Western Front, Medicine Through Time
 Julian Maslin

Julian Maslin BSc, MSc, PGCE

First degree in Geography & Geology & PGCE (Distinction) at the University of London. MSc in Geomorphology from Sheffield University. Julian has worked in education for more than 30 years lecturing in Geography & Earth Sciences at Stafford College. He has been a Faculty Manager & Senior Lecturer for the last ten years & has experience as an examiner for both GCSE & A Level. Julian is also a volunteer guide at RAF Scampton's Heritage Centre.

  • Guide Experience: Geography Tours, History Tours, London & Paris Tour Director

  • Areas of Special Interest: Physical Geography, the RAF in WWII


David Nunn

Dr David Nunn BA, MA, MEd, PGCE, PhD

David has over 30 years' experience teaching History & English in secondary schools & lecturing to undergraduates at Derby & Nottingham universities. He has worked closely with Nottinghamshire County Council to research the impact of the Great War on the county. David has given numerous presentations to Western Front Association branches & historical societies in the East Midlands, Birmingham, Bedfordhire & Hertfordshire.  David is a regular theatre-goer & cricketer. He is currently vice chair of Kimberley Town Council. David has been a guide for Galina since 2013.

  • Guide Experience: Western Front Poetry Tours, History Tours

  • Areas of Special Interest: Literature of the Great War, Nottinghamshire & the Warfare State 1914-18



 Robin Stewart

Robin Stewart BEd, DSME, Cert Ed

Robin has over 35 years' experience as a teacher/lecturer. Robin has taught English Language, Literature & Drama in both secondary & higher education. He has organised numerous residential experiences for students including theatrical productions, sports & battlefield tours during his teaching career. Robin has worked as a guide with Galina since January 2008, leading tours to France, Belgium & the Netherlands. Prior to becoming a guide, Robin led school groups as a client with Galina for four years.

  • Guide Experience: English, History & RS Tours to the Western Front, Arnhem & Normandy

  • Area of Special Interest: Literature of the Great War (August - September 1914)



Mary Sewell small 2 opt Mary Sewell BSc (Hons), PGDip Garden History, MITG

Mary has a B.Sc (Econ) from the London School of Economics (special subjects Economic, Urban, Social, Environmental and Historic Geography). For many years, she guided the London Borough of Newham's weekly Regeneration tour. Urban regeneration, especially in East London and the Olympic Park area, is one of her specialities. A Blue Badge Guide for 45 years, Mary speaks French and German fluently and has worked for a long time as a tour manager in Europe and Asia and was an assistant purser on P & O cruise ships.

  • Guide Experience: Urban Regeneartion Tours, East London

  • Areas of Special Interest: Urban Environments, Econonic Geography, Horticulture
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  • Statement from ABTA & STF


    STF           ABTA logo 1

    We are dedicated to bringing you the latest news and updates regarding travel. 

    Please find below a joint statement from the STF and ABTA as of March 13th 2020. Our current understanding of the situation regarding school trips is as follows:

    • The government has advised schools that they should not undertake international school trips at this stage. This is due to concerns that the schools would face significant challenges in making arrangements to ensure children’s welfare should adult supervisors or children be required to self-isolate. Schools will decide how to act upon this advice. If schools do cancel their trips, normal cancellation terms will apply.
    • Schools should contact either their own general insurers or the Department for Education as they may have some financial cover in place for this scenario. This is one of the areas we are seeking clarity on urgently, so we will update again as soon as we have more info.
    • The Government is not advising schools to stop trips within the UK so schools can proceed as planned if they wish. The Government is advising schools to refresh their risk assessments.Customers wanting to cancel must do so at their own cost, normal cancellation charges apply.


    Written on Friday, 13 March 2020 15:35
  • Brexit FAQ's

    Last edited 30.01.2020


    We now know that the UK will leave the EU at 23h00 (GMT) on 31 January 2020. Following Brexit we will enter a transition period which will run, at least, until the end of December 2020. During the transition period everything will remain the same and you can continue to travel as you do now.

    We will continue to monitor the information provided by travel industry experts, organisations like ABTA and the UK Government and pick out what we believe is relevant for you.


    Common questions about travel after 31 January 2020


    Will flights still operate?

    Yes. During the transition period, everything will stay the same until the end of December 2020 and flights will continue as normal. 


    Will my coach journey still operate?

    Coaches will still be able to travel to, from and around EU countries as usual. 


    Will trains from the UK to the EU still operate?

    Trains from the UK to the EU will continue to operate as usual. 


    Will we have to show our passports at each border?

    We do advise you keep passports handy when travelling throughout Europe, as you may be required to prove your right to travel at border crossings or security checkpoints.

    You can always check on https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice to find out more about visa restrictions for your destination.


    Will I need a new passport?

    Valid passports can still be used. You do not need to have six months left on your passport to travel to the EU. Your passport does however need to be valid for the whole of your trip. 

    If you are looking to travel to Europe from 1 January 2021, you will need your passport to both:

    • have at least 6 months left
    • be less than 10 years old (even if it has 6 months or more left)

    If you do not renew it, you may not be able to travel to most EU countries and Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.

    If you would like to know more take a look at the latest Government advice.


    Will I still be able to use a collective passport?

    Whilst the position as to the validity of collective passports for travel to the EU has not changed, if you are able to arrange for each traveller to have an individual passport which has the requisite validity, this may help to forestall any issues which might arise.


    Will I need a visa to travel to the EU after Brexit?

    No. UK travellers will not need a visa to travel to the EU after Brexit. 


    European Health Insurance Card and travel insurance

    The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) allows any EU citizen to access state medical care when they are travelling in another EU country. UK registered EHICs will still be valid throughout 2020.

    ABTA has always advised when travelling to the EU and beyond, that it is important you take out travel insurance. Our tour price includes comprehensive travel insurance as standard. So, unless you advise us that your school or college has its own travel insurance and you wish to decline our insurance, you will automatically have insurance cover with us.

    For more information on our insurance go to:

    Galina Insurance Policy

    Further advice on travel insurance can be found at https://www.abta.com/travelinsurance


    Will my tour price change?

    If you have an existing booking with Next Generation Travel group brand:

    We have placed forward contracts for foreign currency so fluctuations in the exchange rate are highly unlikely to affect the price of your tour.

    Please note however that, if there is a change in legislation that will affect your overall tour price and which is out of our control, eg visa costs, surcharges, this cost would be passed on to you.

    As is always our policy at Next Generation Travel we will do our best to do the right thing to work with you to ensure your trip would continue.


    If you have not yet booked your tour:

    Due to our forward buying policy for foreign currency, we will work with you to ensure there is no or a low impact on pricing. The travel industry is reporting that the sensible advice is to book now to secure your booking on current currency rates.


    What is the law on price changes?

    If there are increases in transportation costs, taxes or fees chargeable for services post Brexit, the law says that package holiday providers, like Next Generation Travel, are permitted to increase their prices. However, we are pleased to confirm that there would be no change within 20 days of your departure and we would cover the first 2% of any price increase. In the unlikely circumstances that prices were to increase by more than 2% you may be asked to pay an additional fee however where the price increase is 10% or higher, you have the right to cancel and receive a full refund of all monies paid, except for any amendment charges.


    Will overall prices go up in the future?

    Tour prices in the future will always be open to normal market and economic fluctuations such as currency and service prices. Our foreign currency forward buying policy means we always look to protect customers from the impact of currency fluctuationsHowever, overall tour prices may in the future be affected by changes in legislation such as visa costs, surcharges etc. or increased cost in services such as flights or ferry crossings.

    At Next Generation Travel our experienced staff will always provide you with a tour price which is based either on the actual current rates for your service or estimated rates which are based on our extensive knowledge of the travel and industry. We will always communicate any price changes as they are given to us and have an open and honest pricing policy, which will ensure you should have no surprises later on.

    Data roaming

    Under EU rules, the cost of making calls, sending messages or using the internet on your phone in the EU is the same in the UK and this will continue after 31 January 2020. 


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    Passport Office
    Check A Passport – to see if your passport is valid for your destination
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