English Literature School Trips

Explore our English Literature school trips for secondary schools which we believe are the most comprehensive & specification-focused of their type.

We have expanded our range of English trips focusing on the literature of the First World War to include Birdsong (visiting the Somme & Messines).  We have also added to our UK tour programme. The Shakespeare & Dickens English tour explores the life & times of these giants of English Literature.

The curriculum is the starting point for our itineraries which are designed to complement your classroom teaching & develop:

  • an understanding of context & its influence on a text  •  how meaning is conveyed through language, form & structure

  • an appreciation of how & why interpretations change  •  identifying & exploring attitudes & values

  • an ability to relate texts to literary traditions & genres  •  connecting, comparing & contrasting texts

  • an understanding of literary concepts & terminology     

Click on the links below for further details of the tours available.  You can contact us on 01244 314 999 to discuss your specific requirements or simply Request a Quotation.

STILL Cemetery 1 opt

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Theatre Workout Workshop

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