Maths School Trips

Engage students with Maths in the real world & in landmark locations on a Maths trip to London, Belgium & Paris for secondary school groups.  They are intended to fire your students imaginations & enthusiasm whilst demonstrating the range of applications that Maths has to the world around them. Differentiated tasks & activities in the study materials encourage students to:

  • use & apply standard techniques  •  recall facts, terminology & definitions  •  use & interpret notation correctly  •  accurately carry out routine procedures

  • reason, interpret & communicate mathematically  •  make deductions, inferences & draw conclusions  •  present arguments & proofs  •  assess the validity of arguments & evaluate methods of presentation

  • solve problems by translating them into processes  •  make & use connections between different parts of mathematics  •  interpret results obtained  •  evaluate methods employed, results obtained & assumptions made

Click on the links below for more information about each tour.  You can contact us on Freephone 0800 801 560 to discuss your requirements or simply Request a Quotation to take your interest further.

Maths school trips

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Maths trips

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